05 April 2010

Why I'll Never Be 70.3

I was trying to be good this morning and went to the gym to lift weights and do a water workout. I almost wrote swim, but if I did, I'd be lying - I wasn't exactly swimming. 

I did water running and yes, some pathetic attempts at the breaststroke and crawl stroke for about a half hour. I never feel as good after swimming (I pretty much spend most of the time checking out the clock to see if it's time to stop.), but I figured I should do some sort of cross-training.

In May, I have a surgery scheduled that will sadly pull me out of training. My focus should be recovery, though of course my immediate questions were, "When can I run???" It looks like I can expect to go back to work within 1-3 weeks, so we'll see when I can run - when I have no pain. The doctor suggested swimming, so we'll see how that goes. I'll try not to drown, and don't worry, I won't do it when I'm on pain medication.

But yeah, I'll never be an Ironwoman. (My coworker used the term "Ironwoman" and I love it!)

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Iliana Dimitrova said...

We can learn to swim together. I would talk you into IMSG. The best views and the running part of the Ironman St George is rolling hils (http://www.ironmanstgeorge.com/course.php). We need to check off at least one IM; and this one is so worth it