27 April 2010

The future...

I'm really excited about Saturday's Miwok 100k...In the North Face San Fran 50 Miler, I was able to run on some of the trails in the area, and they're just gorgeous. I know it's an insanely tough race - the altitude profile is more than a little scary!

I don't have a specific goal time, but I hope to run a strong, happy, good race. I'd like to finish in the top half (the top third would be even lovelier!) and learn more about what makes a race a good race for me! Mostly, I love races with fantastic scenery...and that's what this is.

May will be a quiet month. I'm taking care of a medical procedure (more on that in a later post) which means NO RUNNING! If possible, I hope to run the Mayapple 100k on May 22nd, but that depends on how everything goes. We'll see.

I want to celebrate my birthday with the Peaks Race 50 Miler - sounds tough but I hope to be in shape enough for it. And then a few other random races...and Vermont 100 again in July!

But also - I can't forget who I am. I'll be doing some writing, trying to submit my novel to agents, spending time with family, friends, working on some Burning Man costumes, growing tomatoes, basil and mint on my fire escape...and discovering the glowing life inside me and the glowing life in my hometown city.


TonyP said...

Have a blast at Miwok!

Anonymous said...

hey cherie - I envy you for going to Miwok. It sounds like an awesome race with awesome scenery and awesome people. Looking forward to reading your report. Have a great time.