15 April 2010

why i'm not super excited about running the boston marathon this year

I've gotten SO into ultras lately. I love the distance, the speed (or lack thereof!), the eating chocolate/cookies while running, the trails, the scenery, but especially, the people! I'm running Boston and I'm just not that excited this year.

I am proud that I qualified, and it will be fun to be up there with my NBR teammates, and oh yeah, shopping at the best runner's expo is going to be fun - but I'd honestly rather be on trails.

I'm also pretty nervous - I haven't done very much speed training at all. I've done some fartleks and tempo runs, but speed has fallen off the table so I will probably not be so fast...not to mention the fact that I ran a 50k in January, 50 miler in Feb, 50k in March, 100 miler in March...so I'm all about running slow and long, not fast...I hope I don't die out there.

I do know the course, which gives me confidence at least. I also know I can manage the hills. For those who obsess over Boston's heartbreak hill, it's not THAT bad.

I'm pondering Leadville, and I wanted to do Western States (lottery shut me out!), so I know what Heartbreak Hill is...and it's manageable. 

So I want to run Boston to have fun! I'm hoping I have some speed, and plan on pushing myself however fast that I can. 

My Papa is also in the hospital. He turned 90 yesterday (yay!), and has been having back pain. I'm going to dedicate this race to him, and whenever it gets tough, I'm going to push as much as I can because I know he's had worse pain - and because I love him, I will succeed for him.

Here's to Boston...Heartbreak Hill, you won't break my heart! We're going to fall in love...or maybe it's just a crush until I head to Vermont 100, someone I really love.


TonyP said...

Just go out there and have fun and forget about time...just enjoy the day! Best wishes to you Papa.

Anonymous said...

(Can you tell I'm just now getting caught up on my blog-reading?)

I'm pondering Leadville, too. It is on my list. I'd need to get a lot faster (read: I'd need to get a lot lighter) - so we'll see. But just so you know, there's an outside chance I'll see you there this year. If you go.

John Price said...

You left off Barkley on your graph! You need to do it next year!
I ran Boston although I was injured and ran a PW! But I had fun.
Good luck at Miwok....