02 April 2010

There are ups, and there are downs, or, I don't know what this pain in my foot is

Post-Umstead 100 Miler, I was experiencing an ultimate runner's high. I felt sore, yes, but pretty good and emotionally great. 

Sunday, very sore, could barely sleep. After the race, I slept for three hours and woke up because I was in too much pain. I took a bath with epsom salts, inhaled alleve my sister's doctor husband insisted I take, and sat around their house for most of the rest of the day.

Monday I was wore but feeling okay. I worked at home. After work, I walked to meet some North Brooklyn Runner friends to chat about the Boston Marathon. On my walk back, I felt mostly okay; my feet were still blistered but I was wearing my Birkenstocks which let my feet breathe.

Tuesday I ran to the gym, worked out on the elliptical for an hour (nice & easy), and then ran home, showered. Walking around my house, I notice a slight *twinge* in the top of my foot. Whatever. I ate my breakfast. I walked to the train in the horrible windy miserable rain and got soaked. On the platform, I noticed my foot was still kinda hurting - and overwhelmed by the crappy weather and not wanting to hurt myself, I walked back home and worked at home. I iced my foot for a while which seemed to help.

Wednesday I did a short run and felt great. A little twinge in the foot, but nothing too crazy. Walking around in my Birks at work I felt some slight pain. Ummm...not cool. I ended up going home early with an awful migraine.

Thursday I woke up - with my migraine. And a cold. And my foot was hurting. I decided to work from home (I probably should've called in sick in light of how awful I felt). I worked from my futon, lying down, trying to relax. I went to my podiatrist at 10:30...who said I probably don't have a stress fracture but it's probably just tendinitis. 

The next week - no running. Ugh. I have to wear a stupid ugly surgical boot (I know, when it's the FIRST weekend of spring sandal weather!!!!) and soak my foot in these stinky Chinese herbs my doctor gave me.

I only hope I can run soon - the Boston Marathon is in two weeks (which I'll probably be slow anyway since I'm used to ultra pace) and Miwok is in four weeks. I already have to take off in May for surgery, so this is a super bummer.


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Meg said...

I just found your blog through Runner's Forum and I was worried about your foot! I hope you're okay for Boston, I'm running it too! Get well quick!