05 April 2010

Skirt It!

Running skirts make me dance!
Striking a pose in my running skirt during the VT100!

Since I first heard of the concept, running skirts have been my favourite thing to keep below the waist while running. I remembered when I ordered my first skirt from RunningSkirts.com, and how I loved it - I did that thing you're never supposed to do, which is ran for the NYC Marathon without testing it out on a long run, and loved it and felt great! At mile 11, some woman watching me remarked to her friend, "A skirt? Women can run in skirts?" My boyfriend at the time was standing next to her and responded, "Yeah, that's my girlfriend. She's wearing a running skirt." "A running skirt? They make such a thing?" "Yeah, it's from Runningskirts.com." (Isn't he a great advertiser?)

The big pockets on the side allow for plenty of things - my inhaler, sports jelly beans, gels, bags of pretzels, fistfuls of animal crackers, you know, the normal things one puts in your pocket. Plus, they look cute. If you're not into pink, they do have other colors and prints.

There's a myth that running skirts will be constrictive or uncomfortable, but I prefer them to running in shorts. They don't ride up or move around - I feel quite happy in them. Plus, I love how people are always shocked, "You ran 100 miles in a skirt?"

Recently, I sent them an email about something. They didn't respond, despite a follow-up email...and then they responded. They read my blog, even saw how I struck a pose at Umstead in one of their skirts...and sent me a super sweet care package. Will you be at Boston or Miwok? Well, you'll see me in one of their skirts then, in my newest one!   


Meg said...

My training partner and I are "skirting" Boston too! Yellow this time :) !

KevInDC said...

I wish there were cool runny clothes like this for men. :(