13 December 2012


I had wanted to go to Mexico last year, but hadn’t wanted to leave Wayne alone on Christmas. It was bad enough he had to work, but I wanted to at least be there with him for when he got off work so he wouldn’t  be alone on Christmas. And I didn’t want him to be alone on New Years’ and there really wasn’t enough time in between…So this year, we were going.

Everyone kept telling me how dangerous Mexico was – this coming from lots of people who had never been there. It started to get annoying and overwhelming and depressing after a while. Wayne was annoyed b/c we were going somewhere he couldn’t kite surf. I had way too much to do for Christmas. And really, home is where my heart is – I love making elaborate soups, baking cookies, long runs on trails (and eating at Calexico afterwards), drinking champagne with Mary, pets for the Luna Dune, cuddling with Wayne, library books, all that good stuff.

But sometimes, a girl’s gotta wander to learn just how lost she is – and just how found she is.

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