13 December 2012

So Far...

Wake up before 5, cuddling against my love one more time. Shower. Last-minute packing. Sip tea, smoothie, talk with Wayne. Cab. Drawbridge up. Traffic. Head to BQE, a little traffic. Get to Aeromexico. Wait in a long line at Aeromexico. Learn my flight actually is Aeromexico, but operated by Delta. Almost in tears. Walk outside. Cabbie drives me towards Delta terminals. Run across. Pray I’m going ino the right Delta terminal. Yes, I am. Stupid kiosk won’t work. Security. Hunt for bathroom. Arrive as plane is boarding. Whew. Cram self into plane. Sleep on and off. Get off. Immigration. Customs. Re-check bag. Wait. Talk to nice English boy about Lago Atitlan and San Marcos and San Pedro. Swap travelers’ stories. Read a little. Fly to Villahermosa, late, because traveling is a waiting game. Wait for shuttle. Take 2 hour ride with chatty Mexican girl who speaks a little too fast but is super nice. Sleep.

Wait for what’s next.

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