18 December 2012

Musings from Mexico (on the buses!)

If this is what a first class bus is like, I don’t even want to step foot on a second class. Yikes!

It may be hell – parents don’t seem to buy their child a separate seat unless the kid is much older. A girl that must be 7 or 8 is sitting in her mother’s lap. Behind me, a three year old perched on her mother’s lap keeps pulling my hair. The drivers’ assistant is sitting next to me. Lots of crying. Noisy movies. Broken DVD player. An hour late without explanation or apology. Speed bumps. Windy mountain roads. Where am I? Yes, Mexico, I could never forget.

Oh, and my overnight bus ride on Saturday night through windy mountain roads? Yeah, I sprung for the super fancy bus. I just can't deal otherwise!

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