20 December 2012

Lagos de Montebello y El Chiflon Cascada

I really wanted to see the lakes of Montebello – they are so close to each other, yet so many distinct colours – greens and blues and aquas and they are all different.

I headed out on a day tour, of which you don’t need to know the details. You simply can view a few photos. I’m getting sick of these tours (lots of driving, being rushed around to different places, crappy overpriced lunch at tourist restaurants, more driving) but sometimes, they’re really the best way to see things.

We saw various lakes. They were just stunning. You can see the photos, but you can’t see the beauty. Just lovely.

The last stop was El Chiflon, this waterfall. It was incredible. You walk along these paths next to a river and various waterfalls. It was just gorgeous, so incredibly beautiful. You could feel a very special energy there.

Note, also included some pics of churches in San Cristobal de las Casas I went to. There are two miradores (look-out points) on either side of the city; I ran to and climbed both.
I climbed up a bunch of steps to this church and look-out point

pretty church. they know how to do churches here!

i love all these flags in the streets

climbing to the top of another church

green lake

blueish lake

slightly different blue lake (trust me, they were all different shades)

otro lago


how pretty

the $ shot

yes, this is the life!

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