27 December 2012

Zipolite, Mexico


Puerto Angel


We had little to do except relax. Wake up. See the sunrise. Go for a nice relaxed run on the beach. Shower. Eat breakfast at one of the many restaurants on the beach. Go back to room, slather on sunscreen. Chat and chill on the hammocks on the balcony in front of our room. Be glad for our ocean view and the roar of the waves. Read on the beach. Jump around in the water when it's too hot. It's lunchtime. Ponder lunch. Sip watermelon juice and laugh, maybe order a pina colada or two and play a version of Drunk Mexican Scrabble. Back on the beach. Swim. Read. Talk. Laugh. Head for the hammocks in the shade if it's too hot. Buy hibiscus juice. Head upstairs for a shower before the sunset. Over to Posada Mexico for pina coladas and tapas. And then where is dinner? The sun sets beautifully over the rocks. Get dinner. Relax. Walk around in the streets, scanning the goods vendors have, trying not to bump into other diners and strollers. Up to the room. The roar of the ocean while reading before bed. And sleep. And let's do it again tomorrow. In a town of pure beauty and chill and guacamole...it's a great place to be.

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