24 December 2012

Oaxaca, First Try

I got into Oaxaca an hour earlier than expected on the fancy night bus from San Cristobal de las Casas. You can take three different levels of classes (or maybe four?) and I opted for ADO Platinum, because the chairs looked really cushy and comfortable and turned into as close as could be to beds. (They also had 25 seats versus the next level down, which had 44 or 48.) The price was about $762 pesos (13 pesos = 1 USD), but I really didn’t want a crap night of sleep (especially after being sick) and I wasn’t paying for an accommodation that night.

I arrived at Posada Don Mario, which looked rather lovely but at first they couldn’t find my reservation, and then, despite emails to the contrary, told me they couldn’t do my laundry. I hunted around for laundry, ended up doing it myself. After a run and clean clothes, I set out to explore the city.

I hit up Centro Fotografico Alvarez Bravo, which had an interesting exhibit of this woman wearing a paper dress (photos) and also, a whole photo series of these same two naked men, always with blank looks on their faces. Interesting. Next up, Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Oaxaca, which had some interesting work. I also went to Museo de los Pintoers Oaxaquenos which had some really grotesque-looking images of people by this one painter whose name currently escapes me. All the museums were free, the Centro always being free and the other two being free because it was Sunday. Yay!

After, I wandered around the streets, looking at the radish festival set-up, popping into stores. I found a cute café with a rather revolutionary feel (the time zones on the four clocks were: Oaxaca, San Francisco, Tibet, and Palestine – those specific locations listed). I got an excellent café here at Azul Lobo, and sat and wrote and enjoyed a bit of quiet.

The Zocalo was getting more crowded, and the time later, so ultimately, I headed back to the room for a shower and to reorganize my bag (repack my laundry, sort things out).

Wayne arrived and it was bliss, kisses and hugs. I missed him terribly while I was gone so far, but you know when the person arrives and It’s like, wow, you’re even more incredible, how could I ever have not been in your arms, you’re wonderful?  Yeah…

We headed down to the Zocalo to get some food and see the radish festival. We ordered a bunch of food but couldn’t finish it – I because my stomach has shrunk on account of food poisoning/not eating as much since I’ve been here. No matter. After, we strolled around, visited a few galleries, vendors, shops, holding hands, talking.

We headed back, repacked, and went to bed early. We got up at 530 to shower before our van ride to Potchutla to the beach to discover, oh great, our posada shuts off the water at night. Lovely. No matter, the beach beckons!

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