15 December 2012

Palenque - the Ruins

Basically in the middle of nowhere, this are this amazing Mayan community that was taken over  by the jungle. And the town is this total hippie town (esp now with 21 Dec 2012 AND the Rainbow Gathering AND the Goa Trance Festival) filled with wonderful amazing people. So awesome, let's hang out here a while.

The reason I came here was to go to the ruins so I decided I'd do that day one. I woke up and miracle, my legs did NOT have pain. So I did a nice and easy run and I just felt great. YAY!

When I came back from my run, I ran into one of my roommates I briefly met the day before. "What are you doing today?" "Breakfast and the ruins." "Mind if I join you?" "Sure, sounds good." I took a quick shower, ate brekkie and then after re-organizing and such, we hopped in a collectivo to the start.

Stacy really wanted a guide - I thought it was neat but didn't like the price. Finally we bargained one down - not as much as we wanted to bargain down, but got a tour for 600 pesos for the two of us. He went over his allotted time and having had been an archaeology student, had a TON of great info. He explained the Mayan calendar, and he said the world wasn't ending, it was just starting a new cycle. I didn't think the world was ending either, but I'll toast that! He knew a lot of the specifics about the ruins and we asked him a million questions.

When he was done, Stacy and I ate the delicious sweet mini-bananas and talked for a while, how you talk when you are traveling. You know, skipping that intro bullshit and getting down to who you really are.

And then I sat there and wrote and dreamed and thought. A monkey came within a foot of me. I talked to random people passing. I dreamed.

And I realized, these are the times where you get back to who you are.

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