15 December 2012

Palenque - the Rainbow Festival Day

Palenque is super crowded now because of 21 Dec 2012, because of the trance festival, and because there is an International Rainbow Festival happening here. My awesome doctor had told me about it, and I had always wanted to go.

Stacey and I hopped in the collectivo to get there - 15 pesos (a little more than $1USD) - it was the back of a pick-up truck with two wooden boards on the sides for benches. I sat on a pack of water bottles, eventually standing. It was about an hour of a ride on a super bumpy rocky rutted windy dirt road. A bit of a nightmare. But also, a great adventure.

We got there and got welcomed, "Welcome brothers and sisters..."

After hugs and instructions, we walked around. Some guys immediately began chatting with us, offering us mandarin oranges. We hung out, then walked around, exploring, checking out what was around. The river was full of naked people swimming. We ended up sitting in the shade, talking, just wandering. We decided it was too crunchy, too hippie for us...but still, we're glad we went.

The jungle and more ruins tomorrow!

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