09 December 2010

new york, new york, first love of my life

I get weird sometimes. I used to call it New York-itis. Before, when doing some organizing for my trip, I panicked, thinking of all the things I'd miss. Miss drinking tea with Rachelle, walks in frigid Williamsburg, parties, family, friends, obviously B, races.

But no, I'm heading to Central America. I'm going to be surfing, swimming, practising my Spanish, meeting amazing new people, hiking, writing, thinking, taking long walks, and best of all, being with my love in Nicaragua.

Now, I'm running around like a typical New Yorker: five million things to do, cramming everything/everybody in. Sleep, yeah, I can cut that out. Tomorrow I have work, mom's Xmas gift shopping, Trish over to help me pack & drink, NBR drinks, Burning Man Decom Party (and what will I wear, oh my) and Saturday is NBR run, SantaCon, Jessica in town, Sunday's the craft fair, maybe mom & dad, Iliana sleeping over, maybe Jess too and her little baby...there's just too much going on. Sometimes I can't stand it. Sometimes I want to live in some quiet little town, do my runs, write, practise yoga, read...just get inside myself more.

Regardless, this is a great song, and this is a hilarious parady of my beloved city.

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