29 December 2010

San Jose, Costa Rica

Dangerous. Dirty. Ugly. Boring.

These are just a few of the adjectives you might hear applied to the capital of Costa Rica. Travelers joke about it, but it's really unavoidable since most buses and roads lead to San Jose...so you must enter and exit it more than you want.

After a treacherous border crossing from Panama, Brian and I ended up in San Jose for a night; he to figure out where to go next, me to take a 6am bus the next day.

We talked; we wrote in our journals; we saw a crazy parade with 5,000 horses, like a Wild Western party gone absolutely drunk; we ate; we slept; our dorms were in a hallway. Ah, hostel life.

It was just a night, and an afternoon, and it's a place to say goodbye.

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