16 December 2010

Panama City, Panama

Within ten minutes of being in my hostel, I had already changed, was chatting up my Israeli roommate, then went downstairs to the bar in the basement of my hostel. I grabbed a margarita (needed one after a crazy stressful day of flying) and was chatting with Brandon, these German girls, Pat (aka "The Australian"), and others. Within an hour, I was in a crazy cab, speeding towards Panama City's clubbing district.

We danced. I got super drunk (first on Temptations, then on Cuba Libres) and some Panamanian guy grabbed me and started dancing with me, which was okay but then he dropped me on my head. I got up, yelled at him in Spanish, then went back to dancing with my friends. They were playing reggatone, they were playing hot 92.3 music, it was so much fun.

Four hours sleep and I ran through the city. I was staying in Casco Viejo, but ran along the water to the new city. I loved the skyscrapers - such a unique skyline. I loved it. The men nonstop "psst" and whistled and yelled and sexually harassed me. Pretty annoying.

I met some Ozzies at the front desk of the hostel, told them that we had to go to the Canal, and after an exploration of Casco Viejo, we went. Our cab driver was absolutely mad and it was a mixture of exhilirating and scary to be in his cab.

The canal was boring. Boring. Cookie, Tortuga, Marco and I made jokes about how life-changing it was, but I guess we had to see it. Then I took a nap.

Went out again, of course. Relic first in the hostel with $1 pineapple rums, then more dancing.

And on to the next city, Bocas del Toro, and I know it's the #1 lie of Bocas, but really, I'm not drinking tonight.

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