25 December 2010

Risk = Sexy

 Rio came back from the water, and said to me and Merja, "You know what we were just talking about? How when girls take risk, it makes them more attractive. No, don't laugh. It's an attractive quality to have - a risk taker. I wish more girls would do stuff like you do, like traveling alone. There's a risk there, and it's awesome that you do it."

I pondered this and we accepted his compliment. But then I voiced something that I've been thinking about. "The thing that sucks about not more women taking risk is that I become lonely out there for other women. Most of the women traveling in Central America are in groups, and they don't seem to want to include others in their groups. It's easier to meet other solo travelers, so I end up meeting more men. I wish I could meet more women."

Too bad at the end of my time in Bocas, I ended up connecting with Natalie (super cool Australian; she's headed south to Panama City, I'm headed north up to Costa Rica tomorrow) and Merja (rad Finnish journalist who offered much insight on life) and Natasha (super sweet girl in my Spanish classes) and Julia (who's unfortunately spent much of her time here ill). I wish I could've had more time to bond with them.

I want there to be others. I don't want to be the only solo female traveler. I want to meet other amazing women, hey, attractive for being the risk-takers that we are. 

It's not that scary. Bad things can happen, but bad things can happen at home, and remember, the soul dying and decaying from not following your dreams is worse. I'm ultra-cautious, a little nervous at times, but hopefully, all will be smoothed and safe for my travels.

I'm not drinking tonight, but for those of you who are, please raise your glass to the bravery, the fierceness, the awesomeness, and yes, the attractiveness of all of the other solo women travelers out there.

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