27 December 2010

Surfer Chicas

Today I saw the cutest thing - two little girls learning how to surf. What an awesome thing to learn - to not fear the ocean, to enter a male-dominated hobby, to harness the power of the waves, to connect truly with water.

I'm in a total surf town, which I love. (I just came from Bocas del Toro, another surf town, but this town is quite obsessed with surfing, as opposed to just loving surfing.) Malpais y Santa Teresa are quite the place - I got here, ate, hit the beach to go surfing, did a run along the beach...and am feeling muy contenta. My hostel is chill with heaps of hammocks, great people, boards everywhere...if I can just satisfy my random ice cream craving (I never want ice cream, but today have wanted it all day), it'll be a perfect night.

And let's let the women continue to dominate the waves, and teach our daughters how to surf because there's nothing more amazing, more empowering, more fun than a little girl knowing what to do with the waves.

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