03 December 2010

2010 Running Review

Wow. 2010 has been an insane year for me running. I wanted to take a moment to look back at the amazingly fun year I've had running.

Stupid Watchung Ultra. I have to do this 50k every year because it's so close and because my awesome friend Rick is the RD. He is a great RD. Oh yeah, and this race is perfect for my budget, free, and it is SUCH a fatass with the chill atmosphere, the cakes people bring.
I ran in Yaktrax, learned how painful that can be for 50k. But I had fun. (Full race report)

Continued training for Umstead 100 Marathon, with some speed for Boston. I flew to FL to see Gram and Papa (Sadly, Papa was in the hospital), and also, to drive across the insane state of FL to run 50 miles in mud with wild pigs and alligators. I met a superrad girl who I ran with the first 25 miles, and had SO MUCH FUN! I'm heading back this year. (Full race report)

Seneca Trails 50k. Cold. Muddy. Some snow. Had fun. Just another training run. (Full race report)

Volunteered at Caumsett 50k. Not as fun as running because you don't have excuses to eat all those M&Ms, but still pretty rad. (Report)

Umstead 100 Miler. My second 100 miler, and first time breaking 24 hours. WOOO! (Full race report)

Boston Marathon made me realize I'm an ultrarunner, not a marathoner. (Full race report)

Miwok 100k, just three days before surgery. Dehydrated, shin pain, asthma trouble, blisters, oh, I cried, it sucked, it was gorgeous. (Full race report) (Videos)

Surgery. :( (Report)

Mayapple 50k. An easy run after surgery.

My birthday - I ran 56miles to celebrate 31 years! Peaks "50" Miler in VT. (Full race report)

Vengeance is mine! I go sub-24 at the Vermont 100 Miler! (Full race report!)

Maylon Mayhem. Don't run a 50k when you're really sick - though I did have a great time bonding with Shannon. (Full race report)

Burning Man 50k! My first time as an RD, my 50k PR, ran in a tutu, what can be better? (Full race report)

Blue Cruise 50k. Whatever. A training run. A fun day with Iliana. (Full race report)

Javelina Jundred! Tough, OMG, so freaking hard. Had a blast dressed as a pink flamingo and chilling with Jon. (Full race report) (Videos)

NYC Marathon. I am not a marathoner, no, I am not. I wore a fun feather skirt and got a lot of comments, but ran slow (Full race report)

Wagathon 50k. Rock scrambling, getting lost, faceplant, oh fun in New Paltz with my girls! (Full race report)

Knickerbocker 60k: Central Park. I wish Ray K had been there, but I still had fun (Full race report)

Most proud accomplishment: going sub 24 twice, esp in the super hard VT100 miler in 90degree temps with super high humidity

Funnest race: Burning Man 50k
Runner-up: Javelina Jundred
Honorable fun mentions (for all the mud!): Peaks 56 Miler; Dances w/ Dirt Green Swamp

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