07 February 2006

all married people don't suck

apologies in case i offended any married suburban people: all of you don't suck. my point is not that living married with children in the suburbs is a kind of death, but it is not for me. i am speaking my piece because i am frustrated with constantly being questioned about why i'm not married, how come i don't want kids, that sort of thing. my ideal would be to live someplace, travel for a while, work and live, travel...i don't see kids as part of my future (i suppose i can tolerate being an aunt, and i will like kika's and mccormick's babies) but i don't want you asking about why my belly is so flat. frankly, why don't you worry about your life and i'll handle mine.

if you can be married and still sending links to hot australian bikini ads for men, you are totally cool, even if you did live in a housing complex with a name like "the whistling winds" and wear an apron--and if you are gay, even better! hah!

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Anonymous said...

Sorry but have to disagree - Us married folk ALL suck! - bigtime! There was all this potential you see and it all got sidelined into 'nesting, kids, garden gnomes' etc. But what the heck McDonalds will love us whatever! (kid's meals)LOL.

Seriously - It's good to hear the opinion though, because while I'd sometimes asked the question (when are you? etc)out of concern/interest,)I tended to forget it's used as a weapon/unpleasantly and it's well to be reminded of the subtexts that can apply.

I'd offer back the idea that the 'roadmap' (marriage/kids/suburbs) you talk about is only there as a safety blanket for the uncertain and YOU can create the path, although you are then answerable to the partner(s) - but ONLY to them of course.

As we both know from Library work -personal aptitudes come in differing levels from 'Have you Salmond 'The Law of Torts'1969 2nd ed by Crudstone' to 'Ummm I need to look at a blue book -think it's on law??'

Most times one feels helpful about the latter, but sometimes it's 'well we have about 50,000 blue law books, any particular one you had in mind or shall, I fetch the lot?' or, if one is feeling really sadistic, 'Oh THAT one! - um look I'm sorry but it's out on long term loan - do you want to come back and ask next term??'(knowing full well they need it for a terms paper like yesterday.)

Who says you can't enjoy Library work (he he) and similarly with the relationship questions!