21 February 2006


yesterday i heard some woman talk about her job, about days off, and i felt very envious. and i realize, seriously, i need to find a new job--one with holiday pay and vacation pay and all that good stuff. it's nice to sleep till 8am, go for a run, shower, eat some oatmeal while my cat plays in patches of sunlight on the living room rug, do my errands during the day, look for a job while listening to music--i like not working a lot, but everyone seems to think i have heaps of time (which i def don't--if anything, i'm busy, but not chaotically busy like i have been in the past). i need to get more aggressive with my job search, and i need to start thinking outside my box--in other words, considering corporate librarian jobs. the thought makes me sad but i can't really make my living this way, and working part-time, i don't feel like i have a "career"--i feel like i have a "job." and i love working as a librarian, and want it to be taken more seriously.


Anonymous said...

Well dont be so lazy GIRL theres lots of jobs out there,I can tell your a WINER/

cherie said...

Am I a winner or a whiner? Please learn to spell. If I'd like to be a bartender, or an admin, there are jobs; however, I am seeking to utilize my degree and find a place where I will be happy and make a difference. That's what I'm after, and what we all should be after.

Anonymous said...

Like heck! - work as little as possible for as much money as possible and allways, ALLWAYS dance until 4am - those that tell you 'not to be lazy, there's plenty of work out there' are truly McDonalds fodder and fruitcake farm candidates!

Not sure about 'making a difference' either - given the vast majority of people I've met 'making it more boring' for them would be an adequate return but I admire the sentiment.

I get to work at home ALL day and therefore get many envious glances cast my way - and I admit to casting envious glances at those who can walk out at 4pm and never feel the baleful machine sitting there in the corner saying 'you have not done enough etc etc.' while I'm watching the box. So it's partly the 'grass is greener over there' syndrome but there's nothing wrong in wanting benefits or to be treated like a human being from time to time.

Think the biggest thing is not beign afraid to change - the times I held on to a so so job because I was scared of what might happen/others might say were legion but eventutally age brings irresposibility thank God!

Loved the shots of communal partying/Central Park in winter - that's the way NY should be!

Christy said...

What about trying out information architecture?