13 February 2006

record-setting blizzard in brokeback central park

this weekend, new york city received the most snow it ever had since they have been keeping tabs on the weather--almost 27 inches! crazy. this weekend of all weekends, bootnsall decided to have a new york city meet up, with people flying from cali, michigan, florida, ohio to talk about traveling, drink a lot, drink some more, eat some more, and oh yeah, drink. so the snow blizzard meant everyone got to stay in new york city an extra day.

yesterday we all went to central park--which many others did. it was just beautiful. people were skiing, snowboarding, sledding, having snowball fights, walking. we jumped around in the snow, threw snowballs at each other, took photos.

today of course, there's piles of slush in every crosswalk, brown snow, yellow snow, grey snow, black snow, and occasionally, white snow. the beauty is gone but luckily, i recorded what was beautiful yesterday with my camera in the freezing cold temperatures of new york city yesterday.

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