19 February 2006

sometimes if life were the other way, things might suck, or at least, be totally different

latey i've been bemoaning the fact that i am not working a 9to5 (and thus rarely see many of my friends) but recently i've done several things i never would have been able to do otherwise. so instead of moaning about my lack of money, let me just say a few rad things about my annoying work schedule:

  1. on thursday and friday, i did loooooong runs (8 miles) at noon. i got to run through the streets of williamsburg university (i swear, it feels like boulder over there!) and enjoy the warmest part of the day. it was really fun to just run for as long as i wanted and experience the middle of the day sights, like sva students arguing about philosophy over lattes at the verb cafe.
  2. i wake up at 8am--or later. i generally get up at 8am so i can get a run in, shower, eat breakfast, and take advantage of my free time. i spend my mornings cooking, baking, job hunting, reading, knitting, doing yoga, taking care of errands. it's quite nice like that.
  3. going out late. on thursday, i spontaneously went out to several clubs with this promoter--bed, spirit, and home. we had a really good time, and i hesitated ("no, i should get home") but seriously, what's the good of not working till late afternoon if i can't go out dancing till 4am every so often? i had fun dancing and meeting heaps of people. i love clubbing.
  4. free time for interviewing during the days, as well as dealing with other stupid stuff like calling macy's credit card billing and other such stuff

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