28 February 2006

why my boss told me to keep the jar of rubber cement i use when processing new books locked up in my cabinet

"let me see that," said a, a student yesterday.

i hand the jar to a and stare at him curiously. he opens it, and sniffs. and sniffs.

i grab it from him.

"this," i tell him, "is the reason we keep this jar locked up."

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Anonymous said...

Yay hay - my first (well it was legal back then in the 60's) encounter with altered states. Used to be called Cow gum and my Dad was a graphic artist who used it for laying down text etc.

Anyway he comes in one day and finds like I'm really enjoying the stuff in his studio crouched over an open can breathing deeply. Don't remember much more apart from waking with a hell of a headache the next day!

Bit like relationships - while it lasts it's all that matters but afterwards!!! Eventually the eheadache leaves, eh?