28 February 2006

My Life is Not a Movie

today andy and i were walking around union square after lunch to grab a muffin or cookie at the farmer's market. there was a movie being filmed in the area, with signs announcing that if you walk in the area you may be on film. we ignored this in search of the perfect sweet.

"where are all the cookies?" i kept asking, knowing there is usually the small vegan stand, the cooky stand, the stand with the awesome ginger sugar cookies and pumpkin breads--we kept seeing stands of apples, rows of cider arranged rather formerly, and other veggies i haven't seen in abundance in a while. finally, andy and i discover a stand with muffins and apple cider sugar donuts. "this will have to do."

no one is behind the stand, but a cop comes up to us, telling us, "this is part of the set."

"yeah, but we'd like to just buy a muffin."

"no, we're not selling anything. none of these booths is. it's just part of a movie set."

it suddenly dawns on me that this is why no one had been standing in any of the booths. dejected, we haunt the streets until we find a crappy deli and get our sweet fix there.

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