20 February 2006

ecstasy is a state of mind

today i went to my favorite yoga class with elias, which i normally miss because of my incredibly annoying schedule. i take advantage of intersessions and holidays to attend his class.

at one point, he put on this amazing portuguese song with these incredible vocals and such high energy, saying prior to it: "for the next 4 minutes and 42 seconds you are going to work." and we did--throughout the sun salutations i worked hard, and felt my heart blossom (it is anusra yoga, after all) with the music and i realized several things:

  1. i love t deeply.
  2. things between t and i are probably not going to work out, and sadly, we both realize it, and we are pursuing it for some reason, but i have a feeling we will part ways soon.
  3. i need to find a job that provides me with the opportunity to go to yoga. also a job that gives me more pay, normal hours, and regular days off, or at least, two days off in a row.
  4. i must write.
  5. yoga is a part of me. unlike the idiot who said to me earlier, "have fun in your little yoga class" (have fun with your little mind in your little world) yoga is not necessarily about improving my health and my physical wellness--although it does that. it is my spiritual and mental practice, and i adore it. it is like running to me, but different.

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