13 February 2006

my weekend of booties and snow

so this weekend was a little crazy, and definitely fun. bootsnall was having a travel meetup in new york city, so it began friday night at a dive bar fairly close to my job called rudy's. after kicking everyone out of hte library, i headed over there. i needed to catch up with the amount of alcohol they consumed, so quickly tipped back one lovely drink, but in very good spirits.

i met so many wonderful people, and it's awesome that these are people i communicated with for months and/or years over travel message boards, so it was mentioned how i hated paris, and the crappy stage of my relationship, and my job as a librarian.
after drinking and getting to know each other, we hopped the W train down to 8th street, and headed to the st mark's ale house, where we (surprise) drank more. it was awesome to talk with people and learn more about who they are and where we are going next. i'm hoping my next trip is western asia, but it could be latin america. we'll see. some people went to sleep, some people went to drink, some people went to dance. i went home and slept as i had to work the next day.

work was work. some of the booties walked across the brooklyn bridge, while i did inventory on videos. after i came home, tracy ann (who was staying with me, along with nerokerr) cracked open a bottle of wine. we left as the snow flurried around us, and headed to the st mark's ale house. we drank and chilled there, and betty gave out our "all access passes" with everyone's names on them--but names were quickly learnt (except, in a moment of alcohol-induced stupor, someone might call you something else!).

after drinking, we headed to yaffa cafe for dinner. laura was coming and i ran outside to meet her, inadvertently dropped my mobile phone. i realized it, and everyone went on to yaffa, while i searched up and down st mark's place, in the bar, everywhere. i called my phone but to no avail. i felt sad, and rachel told me she also lost her phone in a cab the other night but was hopeful it would turn up in the lost and found on monday.

we ate dinner. we drank wine. we headed over to the union bar and grill on park b/t 17th and 18th, a fairly nice and chill place. we took it over at 8pm, drinking entirely too much (note to all: do not mix jaager shots with beer and vodka. no! no sickness!), dancing. anytime i danced, steve or mes would pull out their cameras to film it, shouting, "librarian gone wild." this was the theme for everything i did that night.
i ended up dancing with a parisian guy who lives in the east village. fueled by vodka, i shouted, "i HATE paris!" i danced with him until he (drunker than i) slipped on his back. i collapsed laughing and his friend accused me of pushing him. i took the opportunity to get away from him. before i knew it, i was also being seduced by an italian guy. "i LOVE italy! i love the food! i love the people! i love it! i love it !" he was from sicily and we talked about italy and then he tried to kiss me. "italian men are so aggressive," i shouted as jillian rescued me.

at some point, (captain) steve and i decided to get married--in ten years time. he threw out the date june 5--my birthday--but in 10 years. he told everyone we were waiting 4 years for our first kiss. handholding in a year. we're taking it slow, especially b/c of t--who seems to be drifting further and further away from me lately. steve and i were joking, but it was good fun and i def would love it if he would move to nyc. then he could teach rachel how to fly and i could go running with him. i called my mom on tracy's phone, asking her to call verizon. verizon turned my service off. two hours later, she called me back saying someone had found my phone and called my dad. i was so psyched. celebration! tip that glass back. we danced more, with shouts of "librarian gone wild" every time i seemed to get up. three girls squeezed into the bathroom stall next to betty (i was waiting) saying "i need to wipe my vagina" and her friend saying, "shhh! other people are here," and the peer saying, "but she has a vagina too!" jillian rounded all of us up--all of us who were still on the move--and we headed to a dive bar in the east village.

joey--from fla--seemed happy at the snow--and we were all cold. some ad guy tried to pick me up, not knowing that my future husband was nearby. husband--please, people, this is a joke. i'm not going back on my anti-marriage stance. i'm not anti-marriage, i'm just anti-marriage with three kids in the suburbs is the only way to live lifestyle choice. the people who look down on free spirit travelers like us.
at some point, we migrated into cabs taking us back to our respective sleeping locations.we slept. the next day, i went and met my cell phone savoir--not to be confused with nerokerr aka jason aka jesus. (he looks like jesus and at one point, someone said, "christ on a cracker!" making us all laughing hysterically and jason is also called jesus, and jillian's handle is crackerjillian.) after, i sipped chai at my favorite cafe while writing a letter to my favorite friend (you know who you are!), and then met up with steve for "our first date" (which i paid for, but he paid for dinner, so it was dutch) at my favorite indian place. we ate a lot, got free tea and ice cream and soup, and i love love love living in nyc and the international community--from my israeli cell phone savoir to the drunken italian and french men to the indian servers chatting with me--i love that about new york. i am not going anywhere anytime soon. after finishing, steve and i headed to fao schwartz, where we played with toys (inc a ken doll that seemed to have an erection wearing only boxer shorts) and baby dolls scarily lifelike but luckily silent (jillian and i: "we want a siamese indonesia baby. where are they?"). after, we headed to central park to play in the snow and take photos. drinking champagne and jaager shots were also involved. beautiful. the snow was no longer coming down, but everything was so beautiful.

after, we headed down to dojo's (i swear, i never hang out on st mark's pl this much!) and ate and talked. rachel found out her cell phone had been used to call columbia 12 times!!! we ate and talked and then watched the olympics, commenting on hot snowboarders and yummy spandex speedskating suits among other things.
boston bill, erik, rachel, steve, and i left together to go our separate ways. going home, i felt lonely, and missed all my travel buddies already. i love bootsnall more than ever.

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