18 January 2011

Ah, Ometepe

Many backpackers told me, “Oh, there’s nothing to do. The volcano sucks to hike – seriously, it took me eight hours and I was sore for six days after.” That in mind, B and I only planned two days there. We wished we had spent more.

We got to our amazing eco-lodge, Totoco, which is located high up with views of Concepion, Maduro (kind of – often hidden, but you can climb it right from Totoco property).We stayed in this awesome little thatched-roof hut with a private porch with a hammock and table and chairs, super lovely bedroom, and bathroom with self-composting toilets, and best of all, hot water. (You learn to adore hot water when you shower without it for too long – or really, any amount of time!) We started off with some mojitos, lunch, and enjoyed the scenery. We got massages, which were really excellent, and chilled in the hammock, and looked at the stars.

We spent a day hiking on a trip. Apparently, it takes most people 7-8 hours to do this hike and we did it in less than 6. We hiked through a coffee plantation, stopped at the coffee farm (Finca Magdalena, where we were luckily able to eat some delicious platanos con queso, my favourite Nica treat), saw some petroglyphs, and hiked to a waterfall. The waterfall was small but lovely, and B and I cooled off in it. The hike was fairly easy, but close to the waterfall, it was rather steep with some challenging technical footing. Great running terrain, and I couldn’t help but get excited for the Fuego y Agua 100k, which hopefully will happen in February 2012. B and I drank more mojitos and caipirinhas, swam in the pool, relaxed in the hammock, chilled.

We had hoped to do horseback riding as well, but decided to take it easy. We ate a yummy breakfast,, relaxed, drank tea, talked, chilled in the hammock. It was the most romantic place and neither of us wanted to leave.

I hope we’ll both be back. I plan on doing the Fuego y Agua 100k, but B has art shows then, so not sure if he’ll come or not. But hopefully…

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