18 January 2011

Big Corn Island

Not wanting to get stuck should our plane get delayed without a place to stay, and wanting to at least get a little bit of exploration in on Big Corn Island, B and I spent one night on either end of our six days in Little Corn Island at Big Corn.

The Corn Islands are magical. Off Nicaragua’s Caribbean coast, these two islands are remote. Two flights a day link them to the mainland. Little Corn Island is even more remote, as visitors must fly to Big Corn and then take an often extremely bumpy and wet panga ride.

We hadn’t seen each other in nearly a month, so our first night on Big Corn was very chill. We walked on the beach, caught up with each other, just really enjoyed being with each other again. We stayed at La Princesa de la Isla, which had absolutely amazing food, romantic rustic bungalows, and a relaxed feel. We drank wine, ate, found starfish and other sea creatures on the beach.

After six days on Little Corn Island, we returned. We rented a golf cart, which was a blast. B drove, and at one point, we had about 8-10 kids hanging off the golf cart. It was hilarious. The golf cart was also an awesome way to see the island.

There’s not heaps to do – good diving, I hear, but it was a mellow place. It felt less touristy than Little Corn, but that’s probably just because where we stayed was quite remote. We drank coconuts filled with agua de coco y Flor de Cana, enjoyed the sand, enjoyed the beauty, enjoyed the quiet.

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