18 January 2011

Some Updates...

Due to irregular internet connection, and wanting to spend all my time with B, I haven’t posted in a while. I’ve been safe, I’ve been happy (mostly), I’ve been eating a lot, I’ve been seeing a lot, swimming a lot, enjoying traveling. I’ve posted a bunch of posts below about where I’ve been.

I only have two weeks left, and I’ll be spending those exploring Guatemala – Xela, then Lake Atitlan (hoping to explore a few of the towns, maybe do a Mayan homestay in the mountains), a day trip to Tikal, and Antigua. I hope to do some more writing, meet some more amazing people, maybe see a few of the amazing people I already met elsewhere (like Brian and Merja and Rio), do lots more thinking, and not think about work. Not think about snow. Just enjoy the present moment.

B asked me the other day, “Are you happy?” I nodded, “Yes, in this present moment.” And that’s what I seek to cultivate: the present moment.

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