18 January 2011


Everyone raved about Granada. It was a lovely city – beautiful churches, brightly-coloured buildings, neat streets to explore. We didn’t do too much – relaxed, walked around, sampled different street food, went into some churches, climbed a church tower to the roof for an incredible view. We went to a few museums – El Museo del Mia, the museum at the San Francisco Church, the chocolate museum (hardly a museum, and sadly, the chocolate and chocolate-flavoured tea they gave us to sample were not anything delicious). Best of all, I visited the Granada Library, talked with a librarian. It was super interesting (all in Spanish, so B was bored), and inspired me to want to do something MORE w/ my librarianship love. B bought a pretty neat hammock from this awesome center, and I was tempted to buy one for my parents (but decided not to on account of the expensive cost of shipping, along with too many stories I’ve heard from people who have lost things mailed home). We left, excited for Ometepe.

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