18 January 2011

Little Corn Island

Two of my friends, separately, couldn’t stop raving about how amazing Little Corn was. One of them planned on stopping there on a trip, and ended up staying for six months. So we decided to spend six days there.

We stayed at Little Corn Beach and Bungalow, a super cute place on the beach. We had to move rooms, but when we were in our casita, we had the most amazing view of the ocean and we didn’t close our doors unless we had to. We drank yummy pina coladas, agua de coco with Flor de Cana (notice a pattern?), swam, chilled in hammocks, read, worked on some writing, snorkeled, kayaked, walked around looking for food…

We met some rad girls from NYC on the first day and ended up chilling with them a lot. The nature of the town is, you run into people constantly. Like B’s beloved lobster empanada girl – one day, he bought five from her and ate that as lunch. (He discovered a love affair with street food in Nicaragua, and I have to admit I’ve eaten more street food with him than I ever have in my life – pineapple empanadas, cheese empanadas, bean empanadas, weird pizza things, ginger cake, banana cake, all sorts of random things.) Being a vegetarian meant I missed out on a lot of amazingly delicious (I hear) dishes involving fish or other sea creatures, but I still was able to eat. Even at the infamous Brigitte’s Comedor a.k.a. The Green Shack, she was able to make something for me – and something delicious.

Maybe six days was too much. There’s not heaps to do. Just swim, relax, eat, drink, talk. We met a lot of interesting people, chilled, enjoyed the beautiful island. We went snorkeling and B. could name all the things he saw, but I merely said, “I saw some really amazing things.” My favorite time was when I was just chilling, following this massive group of all these beautiful neon purple fish.

The running, I must mention, was lovely. No cars are on Little Corn Island, so everyone just walks on these little paths. I discovered so many wonderful muddy little-used-by-tourist paths, and enjoyed running and seeing so much more of the island. However, because I was wearing flip flops so much (You really don’t want to wear any other type of shoe – you walk on a mixture of muddy trails and the beaches to get everywhere.), my ankle started hurting and I had to cut back my running a bit. That was quite disappointing, but a bit of rest, and less usage of flip flops massively helped.

Mostly, we enjoyed each other, the sand, the swimming, the waves, the days. We watched sunsets from Tranquilo, drinking caipirinhas or Flor de Cana shots or best yet, a shot that was ¾ Flor de Cana, ¼ Kaluha. Days were punctuated by walks, food, love, drinks, swimming, hammocks.

It was definitely a magical place, one I’d love to return to. Just be sure to bring plenty of books because there isn’t heaps to do – except relax.

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