01 January 2011


Yes, we must do this. Look back. Where have we come from, and what's next?

2010 was a rough year. I went through some crazy emotional stuff, had surgery (which seems to have helped, despite the excruciating pain afterward (couldn't even sit up for two days)), lost my grandfather, dealt with a lot of work stress, crazy relationship/post-relationship stress...

But I also ran a sub 23 hour 100 miler at Umstead, sub 24 100 miler at Vermont, had a blast at Burning Man, learned how awesome some of my friends are, fell in love, and started an awesome trip in Central America.

2011...what will come? I have no clue but here's some teasers for the New Year:
  • Continue traveling in Central America, around Nicaragua and Guatemala
  • Dances w Dirt 50 Miler (Feb)
  • Rick's 50k (Feb)
  • Umstead 100 Miler (April)
  • 3 Days at the Fair 48 Hour Race (May)
  • RD of Burning Man 50k again
  • Camp Twin Bikini with Rachelle Rachelle
  • Spend more time with my grandmas
  • Visit Buffalo (Need to see my girls up there!)
  • A race in BC?
I don't know what's next for sure, those are some lose plans. Work could get crazy, running could change, new friends could be made - I have no idea what's out there, but I know I must face it with an open heart and open eyes. That's the only way I can fully experience life.

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