02 January 2011

The Things I'll Never Get Used To

I love traveling. I am really enjoying my trip in Central America, but there are quite a few things that I haven't gotten used to, and that I probably never will.

  • The filthiness. This is my proper, suburban-squeaky clean upbringing, but I hate all the trash in the streets, and how everyone just tosses their food wrappers, their trash into the street without thinking.
  • The fires. Burning plastic, burning trash, in the streets.
  • The sexual harassment. Really, men, do you need to make kissy noises at every woman that goes past? Argh!
  • The children. It's sad seeing children running around at the age of three or four with no parents in sight, barefoot. "You're going to get something in your feet," my mom would have yelled. She also would have kept me tethered to the house until I was 21 if she would have been able to.
  • Crappy beer and good rum. I don't care about the beer, but ah, Flor de Cana, you are lovely.
  • Street food. There's so much of it, so much of it is frightening, yet so many people eat a lot of it. Monica's doctor friend says if you see the food being made in front of you, it's probably okay.
  • The prices. Wow. Such a difference. I'm taking Spanish classes for $5 an hour (privado!) and when I told my teacher today how much my rent is in NYC, she about died. I love the cheapness of things. And yes, the aforementioned rum is cheap.
There are heaps of other things, but I can't think of them now. But trust me, this place is such a shock at times.

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