22 January 2005

blizzard: a ramble

t was supposed to spend the weekend here, but he had to work monday and was worried about not being able to get back. OF COURSE we have a blizzard on the weekend so i'm homebound. i actually rented a dvd and got tons of food so i can cook and clean my apt all weekend. and my neck still hurts and ibuprofin is NOT helping.

but seriously, have you ever noticed every time it snows a lot it's on a weekend? my job would probably be closed today, or we'd leave early. this is INSANE.

i have to finish cleaning my apartment, make some lunch, shower, make tonks a bday gift, finish v's package...i guess it's good there's a blizzard so i can do stuff around mi casa. although i really wanted to go to the museum of sex today.

luna is glaring at me. i think she wants some of the treats she got for xmas--the ones from rachelle or pat. she hates the ones i got her. she's smart--they're low fat.

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