05 January 2005

tsunamis shouldnt be political

js sent me photos yesterday of the tsunami--there were over a hundred. i flipped through the first 15, but kept getting photos of powell, jerk bush, and all these other american political morons. like, is this natural disaster about american politics? why aren't we seeing as many photos of sri lankan, indian, etc leaders? (maybe there were but not the first 15 pics)

the cover of one of the trashy ny papers had something on it like "we're giving this $$$ to the tsunami victims to show that americans have nothing against muslims." wtf? that is racist in itself. like, "i'm going to be nice to you even though i don't have to." what about charity, helping those who are down?

this country disgusts me daily. i am embarassed to live here.

these are not my leaders.

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