27 January 2005

PRO-CHOICE--we will not back down!

i'm reading "the war on choice" by gloria feldt, president of
planned parenthood. this book is written very well, with statistics,
details, and quotes. the pov of the right is crazy...apparently
g.h.bush was prochoice and pro-birth control and when he was asked
to join reagan as his running mate, he had to give up his anti-
choice politics, and he never went back. and barb (senior) and laura
are both pro-choice (although laura supposedly won't talk abt it
anymore), as are condi and powell--then why is dubya so powerful?

so do what you can.

here are some easy things you can do to help keep choice safe.
1. join pro-choice email newsletters so you can keep tabs on how
politicans are trying to control our bodies. www.naral.org
www.plannedparenthood.org www.feminist.org among other sites offer
2. read "the war on choice" by gloria feldt.
3. speak up. show that how you feel, and don't let anti-choicers put you down!
4. volunteer and/or give $$$ to pro-choice organizations.
5. become a judge and attempt to get on the supreme court.
6. become a lawyer and defend women's reproductive freedoms.
7. attend rallies, protests, fundraisers, etc in the name of choice!

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