03 January 2005

happy new years!

a time for resolutions and for starting fresh. my new year began with a 4 mile run in central park (with hot cocoa before and after and both water AND champagne at mile 2!!!), then a party and then drinks at a local bar. i love the word local.

my resolutions for 2005 are (sober resolutions):
  1. write more
  2. run more
  3. travel, def.
  4. save $
  5. practice yoga
  6. practice patience

see, they're not that different. and oh yeah, def making sure trans fat isn't in anything in my cupboard.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Cherie
This probably makes me a big dork, but I have read most of your blog this evening and really liked it. (Don't worry, I'm not psycho, scary, or republican. I can't spell though, so don't laugh if I mess up). I can relate to lots of things: My husband is currently 12,000 miles away (not a soilder, just australian). I wanted to tell you to go and travel! I know that this is one of you resolution .... it is worth it. I gave up everything and ran away for a while and it was wonderful. Even when you come back home and nothing has changed except the very large pile of bills on your kitchen counter, its still worth it.
And I want to say you've been very inspiring; i loved reading about your running. I used to be a runner and I gave up.
I don't know if my email shows up : squash6462@yahoo.com you can email me if your bored or lonely... I also have a webpage if you want to check it out first to make sure I really am sane (well sort of :)
Nice to meet you,