03 January 2005

send out good energy for nanook

nanook, my little brother, a.k.a. my parents' ferret, is sick. ferrets have a lot of health problems (duncan died two years ago, the sweet little ferret, my mom's baby) but they are such playful fun creatures. my mom has been doing internet research and asking people on her ferret listservs, but the dopey male ferret of my parents is sick. nanook was always the craziest one, but he has been sick since the summer, and he can't keep his weight on. at first they thought it was an ulcer, possibly cancer now. i am sad because even though nanook has never been my favorite (sorry! neesa is my little favorite!) i have always loved nanook (my dad's fave). poor little ferret!

caramel and neesa are doing fine. neesa senses his pain, i think, because she is always cuddling with him, keeping him warm.

please send out whatever good energy you possibly have to make sure that nanook gets better, or is out of pain.

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