26 January 2005

i want my choice, and that is no children

if you don't trust me with a choice,
how can you trust me with a child?

it's pro-choice, or no choice!
abortion is a right!
we must stand united,
and fight, fight, FIGHT!

i've mentioned this earlier--i never want to have kids. i see them on the train, and i get disgusted and annoyed. very few children i believe to be cute (my coworker's being one of them) and i can't make myself like them.

t also doesn't want kids. a while ago, t said to me, "you know, if you said you had to have children, i couldn't be with you." we decided if we child-hungry, we'll wait a year before rushing into lots of unprotected sex.

right now i'm being responsible. i would have an abortion if i got pregnant tonight--absolutely no second thoughts. but what if i didn't have that right? i am lucky enough to have parents who would lend me money to get an abortion--i believe my mother did--if i had to fly to sweden or wherever. ooh sweden, vacation.

back to my choice. if (I HOPE THIS NEVER HAPPENS) my choice is taken away, i will leave this country. i don't want to live in a country where i don't have control over my body. fuck that. i refuse to stay here. i'm a responsible person, i'm not religious, i don't want babies. i don't care if i have to live in australia, i will not live here till women are free.

why oh why
should the men make the choice
what i do with my body,
what i say with my voice?

who oh who
does bush think that he is
putting laws on my body
with those buddies of his?

bushie, bushie, darling dear,
here's something for YOU to hear!
we choose when to procreate,
'cause church and state don't ovulate!


Anonymous said...

Why not get your tubes tied and avoiding the hassle all together if you feel that strongly about not having children? Or perhaps have your man "fixed" as they say?

I'm pro-choice, just wondering... :)

cherie said...

Getting yr tubes tied is a risky procedure, and I can't afford to do that now...T and I have talked abt it, but that wouldn't happen for a while. We are too young and (not sure if it's covered by insurance but if not we certainly cant take off right now) and also we don't see each other much and that's a big decision which we'll make a long time! but yeah, i know abt it :o