05 January 2005

i'd like to breathe, please

in yoga the other night, it occured to me how filthy the air in nyc is (esp my area of gpt). yoga helps me breathe better than anything else (well i suppose the four inhalers and one oral supplement help me) but nyc is really dirty! sometimes when i'm breathing i'm very conscious of how hard it is to get clean air.

t is always nagging me, "you should move out of your apartment" (b/c of the traffic which causes pollution which causes asthma attacks) and "how long are you gonna live in nyc?" well, i def don't want to be one of those little old ladies taking the bus with their walkers and wearing pink feathered hats and suffering the stresses and pushing people out of the way. i want to stay here when i'm young--write and be in creative circles and have all my friends and a good social life and all that good stuff. i mean, here i might go to three or four different events in one night--on weekend days i might be in way more places. but when i lived in CO, there was one party and everyone was there. so i like my social life. i like access to the world's finest art museums, to any kind of food i could possibly want, to clothes, to people, to accessories, to EVERYTHING in full spectrum.

i'd miss that.

but lately the pollution has been annoying me. after i come back from europe, i'll move down by prospect park, where i can run around less cars. yeah i know there's pollution in europe, but hopefully when i'm exploring the rural areas of europe, i'll be able to breathe.

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