03 January 2005

i love yoga

i've really been getting back into Yoga. it feels wonderful. i tried the power yoga video thing, and that didnt work. i did the videos like twice. i should do them more, probably when it's icy out and i'm afraid to go running.

but i love the spiritual aspect of yoga---that's why i do it. i love the way i feel now--cleansed, yet disrupted. i feel pure. i feel free. i feel ready to eat sprouts and live on a farm.

i love learning things. i love how a simple phrase my teacher will utter will truly change the way i look at things. i had teachers before, when i lived in boulder, who were good--and when i was younger, i love lillian. but lately i have been clicking with my teachers--and it is making all the difference.

"live every day as if it is your last" is the practice summer, my yoga teacher, has instilled in us. i am feeling it; tell the people you love how you feel; be kind to strangers; be kinder to your friends; be kind to yourself; do what you love; stop procrastinating; however, do relax. i am feeling wonderful. whenever i stray i need to reread this post.

summer also advised us to enjoy arrivals and departures, to smile through pain and sadness and anger. and it is working. i am trying to enjoy the space i have in my relationship, happy that my love is happy. and i am happy.

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