08 January 2005

when you leave the house for the first time of the day and it's 5pm

j, l, and p ended up staying at my apt till 4 am--the girls talking, while p was snoring on my hardwood floor (tequilla). we were high on conversation and each other--that's all. went to bed almost immediately after they left, writing in my journal first...and woke up this am, confused. i dont sleep late normally--and it's wonderful to! spent the morning in bed, took a long bath, then read some more in bed, sent emails, looked through recipes (tomato and white bean stew, banana raisin muffins, and carrot zucchini bread yum!).

i finally left my house after 5 to get "provisions" or "supplies." i needed things to cook my creations with. on the street--wow. bright lights, cars with their intense colors and the smells--saw smoke leaving a man's mouth, the way it danced and trickle in the air around us. "wow." screaming children, loud cell phone conversations, yapping rotwaeilers dragging 10 year old owners across manhattan avenue. acid washed jeans with tight tight shirts, fedoras, trying to look so 80s--or hip. handme down pants and old sneakers and a huge down coat marked me as "whatever." i like staying home, i like sitting around in my underwear, cuddling, drinking vanilla creme tea. ahhh.

in the grocery store, lines all the way to the cereal aisle, the jostle for the freshes tomatoes--of which there are few. i search for string beans, zucchini, avocados, sun dried tomatoes. i examine some love over by the lemons, and find a perfect starfruit.

a hipster boy stares at me, intensely, hair flopping around and eyes going through me. i add eggs to my basket, essential for making the breads and muffins i plan on creating. scratch.

arms ache in the checkout line when i realize i've forgotten broccoli. tevs, i'll just use frozen. i can deal, right?

my frozen is full of a variety of veggie burgers named after places, types, ready to be inserted into a hot george foreman grill, grilled and placed on bread with cheese, pickles, ketchup.

home again. luna has moved from her place on the bed (which she barely left since 4am!). curled up in the corner on her mat, i want to curl up with her, stroke her beautiful fur, tell her how much i love her.

all i could get back is "meow" but i doubt even that will happen.

she's not the meowing type.

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