13 November 2005


ah yes, land of beautiful canal-lined streets, and american frat boys in search of the best weed at the various coffeeshops (it's legal here, which my mom did not realize!) and the infamous red light district, which was shocking in its own way. although i worried about how i would feel as an asthmatic in the weed capital of the world (as many americans call it, though it is much, much more!), i ended up meeting a rad group of people--americans, ozzies, brits--and chilling with them, extending my time in amsterdam. had a brilliant time. i highly recommend the van gogh museum, the anne frankhuis, pozenboot (cat boat), vondelpark--i went to other museums and such, but these were my favorite things. a bbq at vondelpark was the highlight of my trip, as was the day joe, tanner, and i biked around the dutch countryside.

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