16 November 2005

stockholm, sweden

ahhh, sweden. a very lovely place. they say 1/3 of stockholm is land, 1/3 is water, and 1/3 is park. the first day there i found myself enjoying Djurgarden, eating my dinner there, at peace and so excited to be in such a beautiful and park-filled place. (being a new yorker, i appreciate urban parks.) i went to several museums (including the Historika Museet, to see Viking Relics), met a lot of really chill backpackers, saw lauryn hill for free, and oh yeah, got flashed by some idiot who screamed at me in Swedish, making me afraid to run in Stockholm. The police were called, and I was shaking; the whole thing left a foul taste in my mouth. Other than that, I was enchanted by this lovely country.

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Bo G L said...

Hello. Hoppas du hade det bra i mitt Stockholm.