16 November 2005

oslo, norway

hailed by many as "the most expensive city in the world," it truly took a bite out of my backpacker's budget. however, by staying in the cheapest hostel (anker), cooking dinner in the kitchen with jason, and bargain hunting for food and everything else, i was able to make the most of my time in oslo. GO! though it's pricey, it's SO beautiful. i saw the munch museum and talked to a guard about the roberry (people with big guns stole "the scream" and other paintings), went to a contemporary art museum, learned SO much at the norweigan resistance museum, went to other museusm, got lost with jason and ended up in the norweigan countryside, went to frognerparken with its naked statues and huge phallus at the center of the park--where we gorged on fresh fruit smothered in nutella. i LOVED oslo!

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