13 November 2005

getting sick

probably because i spent all of friday night dancing at paul van dyk till 530 am, then slept only three hours before going to work, i woke up this morning with a cold. here are some of my favorite ways to get over being sick.

  • drink lots of fluids. obvious, but very good. i drink lots and lots of water, lots of orange juice, lots of super c drinks (the kind by odwalla or naked), lots of tea (my favorite is celestial seasonings tangerine orange zinger, with added vitamin c--i add freshly squeezed lemon and honey for those days when my throat hurts), and i add those little powdered packets to my water. i do feel as if i'll float away, but i think this helps.
  • take your vitamins. i take a regular assortment of vitamins daily, but when i am sick, i take vitamin C and echninacea three times a day. try to take them with food.
  • eat good food. sugar and highly processed foods have never helped someone feel better. whole grains, veggies, and good food is the best way to go.
  • sleep lots. sleep can cure nearly everything. going through breakups, i usually sleep a lot to avoid the pain and avoid food (because i can't stomach it). sleep is great.
  • take care of yourself. don't go out all night, avoid alcohol, take lots of baths, relax at home. if you can, take the day off. taking things slow and easy helps you recuperate quicker.
  • stay warm. sleep under a large pile of blankets, wear sweaters, don't go out with a wet head, drink tea. if you have a fever or headache, i always use a cold compress on my eyes or forehead.
  • be less active, but not inactive. i don't do hard or long runs when i'm sick, but still run, stretch, exercise. long walks in brisk air is good, but if it's too cold, i may just find myself doing an indoor yoga routine. yoga usually helps me feel better, except if i'm queasy. then, it's hell.
  • natural remedies. there's a tea for everything, and essential oils. raspberry leaf tea prevents me from taking too many painkillers during my menstrual cycle, and i use peppermint oils on a wet washcloth during stomach upset. i take baths with a combination of oils to help me breathe during asthmatic moments.

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