06 November 2005

marathon sunday: it's better than christmas

i went to the 12th mile of the new york city marathon to hand out water today. i cheered people on (often personalizing along with the names printed on their shirts) in the largest marathon in the world, with such a diverse group of people: a lot of danes, brits, swedes, among other countries. meb, who i wanted to win, and denna, did not; ah well, we all have our strengths and weaknesses and times. it was a fun morning; i hung out with sharon, who also did her first marathon last year, and george, whose friend was running the race. it was a lot of fun, and i got a free shirt and poncho (the poncho which i needed as i was completely soaked in water). the crowd is group, and honestly, you haven't run a marathon until you've run new york. i get chills just thinking of it. seriously, it is an amazing day, and if you can, plan on being out there next year to watch the race--and cheer me on, because i'll be running it again, perhaps even qualifying for boston. but seriously, boston is just boston, and the nyc marathon, well, it's THE marathon.

new york, i'm coming back, don't you worry, for hopefully one of my favorite days of my life. the best day of my life was last november's new york city marathon; you never forget your first.

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