10 November 2005

final bootsnall article

Ten Days in Greece
It's an article I wrote about my 10 days in Greece; good if you are planning on going.

Also, if you haven't, check out Eurail Blog which I updated during my travels.

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Pat said...

Every piece of mail I have sent to your main e-mail address is coming back to me.
Here's what I was trying to send.


I loved reading your greece stories. And I have been reading your blog and have been to bootsnall as well!

Hope that background check goes through soon. You'd think you were going to work for the cia!

Believe it or not, the cranberry sauce I always make is very simple. It is the recipe on the back of the oceanspray bag. I just use a little less sugar (I love tart cranberry sauce).

Then I put the sauce through a food processor or blender. Then a sieve. I hate the skins and between the blender and a nice fine strainer, you get rid of all those little bits of skins that do othing but get caught in your throat, etc.

I hate ginger too! I've always thought it tasted something like soap. ugh.

Job hunting sucks. I am so tired of going through this!

Talk to you soon...