24 November 2005


thanksgiving, for all of you who don't know, is a day on which americans give thanks for all they have, and have a massive meal with family (and sometimes friends) with lots of food (traditionally a turkey, or for vegetarians who haven't realized how scary it can be (like me, trev, and lissy), a tofurky)) that takes hours to make.

today i woke at 9am to a horrid nightmare abt being a soldier in viet nam where part of the war took place in my parents' house and i was hiding because i didn't want to get shot, and t had a dream i was being stalked by segundo, and pre-heated the oven. the cranberry sauce was done, and i baked the sweet potatoes, then prepped all the ingredients, and peeled the potatoes after they were baked, added the other ingredients (grated lemon and orange rinds, grated ginger, nutmeg, orange juice), topped it with maple syrup and chopped pecans and yum! also, i made apple crisp.

at my parents' house, we tottered around in heels and fancy clothes while my sister tried to beat the crap out of me, my cousin showed up looking like she was standing at the side of some road in jersey (she is beautiful but she dresses so terribly and it's sad), my aunt talked everyone's ears off, i ate lots of food with dairy and wheat gluten (of all on the table, i was "allergic" to every single item (inc the turkey, besides the fact that i'm a vegetarian)). oh well.

now is the official start of the christmas season. i am celebrating by drinking a glass of pinot grigio, listening to xmas music, and decorating (and cleaning up) my house. it's bloody cold outside--25 tonight in central park!--so i feel so lucky to be toasty and warm with my turtleneck and my wine, happy in new york.

happy thanksgiving!

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